25 MARCH - 15 MAY 2017

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mean to say that it already knew when and where to generate a duplication or amendment of its cellular reproduction so as to continue to expand so as to realise the full pattern of the Bodyform that was chosen for it to experience its beginning Plant Life expression. This pattern of Growth was carried not in some cellular DNA sequences or any chromosomal patterns by which to follow. There was however a hologram of sorts that this Spirit used to follow in its Subconscious Memory and this was How it all started.

until soon the whole of that rocky projection became covered and surrounded with a thriving colony of a reddish coloured algae Plant forms in the time that it took for the moon to reappear as being again full. This process of growth then continued on into the morning hours. As the sun started to come to view, on the horizon, there had already developed a flotilla of algae about the rocky projection that was continuing to establish itself and to multiply.

Soon the wind and resulting waves that developed caused this mass to begin to separate into wandering flotillas of new Life form masses. Each of these masses kept reproducing and breaking apart with some of them now floating away  

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