MAY 2017

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Onterior Glassing Pass, 2017 | Silicone, variable measure, unique | Time of day: late afternoon

Cognition and understanding happen by extension, in cooperation with all of body and environment. In this exhibition tactility and haptics are registration points, making mind. In three of the four artworks, hands cast in solid silicone function as a substrate. Defaulting to silicone (varied ubiquitous material) as medical prosthetic, sex toy, android skin, and special effects, to computer processing industry. 

Protect individualized fingers , protect product.  Blushing very white, soft pink flesh. This silicone hand is a base for the congregation of dust. Held is a shallow volume of this small stuff, pressed between two screen protectors. Gather and be still over here. (Infrastructured Host of Illiquid)

In another, fibers are needle felted dense, articulating a four fingered cartoon hand. Along with the human hand, following in felt too, its interior silicone. Enfolded in mimicry, the two swapping entities. (Replacer Cooperation In Kind)

Dressing the hands in foot-wear also eyes and hair. There are two objects looking like sock puppets (actually dolls), laying there. Hold the hands and feel the weight and the soft shift. Aid the eyes. Private touching is ok, to make things move. Not by mandate, a scenario for role playing with gentle action.  (Play Holding Handing) 

Public consumption is outside on the street, where the silicone skin covers the large wall of glass. Epithelial augmentation facing you, processing property. It’s on the sidewalk here. Silicone is one of those materials that is always attracting environment shit. Ideal states when possible are temporary, often requiring frequent human intervention and maintenance. In this case the intervention is not to maintain, but to interact without directive. Wide degrees of attention on the facade.  (Onterior Glassing Pass)

Andrés Laracuente, May 2017

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Onterior Glassing Pass, 2017 | Silicone, variable measure, unique | Time of day: full sun
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